The One-Idea Rule

An Efficient Way to Improve Your Writing at School and Work

Mark Rennella

Praise for The One-Idea Rule:
"The One-Idea Rule is the rare book about writing instruction that does not ground itself in a deficit model. Rather than ingraining writers with a sense of dread about their knowledge gaps, the author emphasizes that foundations preexist that even novice writers can build upon to develop their craft organically. The One-Idea Rule lowers the threshold for writers to actually begin writing, without sacrificing the complexities that accrue when writing tasks increase in sophistication. Highly recommended especially for novice writers."

--Stefan Gunther, PhD. Associate Vice President Faculty Affairs, University of Maryland Global Campus

Here's a virtual lecture I gave to the Teaching and Learning Center at Air University in September of 2022. Air University is the U.S. Air and Space Force's center for professional military education, located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. 

Below that is a video podcast of The Indispensables podcast featuring The One-Idea Rule. Thanks to Bruce Tulgan for the invitation.